Insolvency administrator

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you with many years of practical experience in the areas of insolvency administration, insolvency law advice and restructuring advice. With success: lawyers from our law firm are regularly appointed as insolvency administrators at various insolvency courts in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony. We are committed to finding timely solutions between creditors, employees and entrepreneurs, with the aim of possibly reorganising the company as quickly as possible even without insolvency proceedings, without turnover declining or customers and managers in the employee sector taking their business elsewhere.

Creditor information system

We offer creditors in opened insolvency proceedings an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the ongoing insolvency proceedings at all times via the Creditor Information System.

Redevelopment consulting
  • Development of rehabilitation concepts and their mediation with all parties involved
  • Implementation and monitoring of the reorganisation concept
  • Commercial law, insolvency law, labour law and criminal law issues
  • Advisor or general representative in self-administration during the entire proceedings
Insolvency administration
  • Insolvency administration and position as administrator in self-administration
  • Implementation and monitoring of the restructuring concept
  • Focus on continuation of the company, best possible satisfaction of creditors, preservation of jobs and the profitable core of the company
Creditor representation and pool management
  • Filing of claims in the insolvency table to enforce security interests or liability claims
  • Pool leader in insolvency proceedings

Insolvency administrator in our law firm