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As an entrepreneur, you are the focus of action. At the top, you assume responsibility for your company and your employees. However, this also means that in the event of suspicious circumstances, the authorities will initially focus on you. Whether tax investigation, cartel authorities or public prosecutors, the authorities will first target the entrepreneur.

Even in the case of unjustified accusations, for example due to anonymous reports, investigation proceedings take a long time.

Unfortunately, experience has shown that it often takes a long time to convince the authorities of wrongful accusations.

Even if you personally have nothing to reproach yourself with, it is essential from a professional point of view to engage a qualified white-collar criminal defence lawyer.

In view of the sometimes devastating consequences, it is out of the question to try to settle the matter without professional assistance. Even if - as it is often the case - the investigating authorities give a friendly impression, careless words in the early stages can put you in trouble later on.

Criminal Law with ALPMANN FRÖHLICH

Due to our many years of - successful - activity and the associated expertise in tax and white-collar crime law, we provide you with comprehensive and qualified advice and support. We take on the defence in criminal and administrative offence proceedings as well as the defence of the corresponding claims against the specialised authorities and courts (for example, appeals and tax court proceedings against tax assessments, objections and appeals against tax assessments): Objection and fiscal court proceedings against tax assessments, objection and action against the assessment of social security contributions).

Together with our intellectual property department, we take action against inadmissible suspicious reporting or prevent it as far as possible.

Of course, we are also active in the area of preventive advice (compliance) (insert link) for your company or support the company as well as, for example, authorities in the actual clarification of facts relevant to criminal law (internal investigations).

Specifically, we support and accompany you
  • When initiating the investigation procedure in the event of on-site searches.
  • In all phases of commercial and tax and customs criminal proceedings, out of court and in court with accompanying defence of tax and social security claims before the authorities and the specialised courts
  • In the case of allegations of insolvency offences with defence of corresponding liability claims
  • Corruption offences, breaches of the Minimum Wage Act and the Act to Combat Clandestine Employment
  • Prevention of money laundering and defence against corresponding accusations
  • Allegations of other property offences (subsidy fraud (including corona subsidies), fraud, embezzlement, breach of trust))
  • Representation in the context of proceedings for the imposition of fines, inter alia, for breach of duty of supervision
  • Representation in professional supervision proceedings
  • In-house training and lectures (e.g. combating money laundering or corruption
  • Internal investigations, clarification of the facts and cooperation with the authorities

Why you need competent defence

The mere suspicion of a criminal offence or a misdemeanour can lead to considerably incriminating measures by the authorities. Searches and asset seizures are the norm at the beginning of criminal proceedings, and the financial consequences of an asset seizure can quickly threaten the existence of the company, in addition to the damage to its image and the unrest in the workforce. Here we show you possible solutions.

In the case of freelancers, criminal charges are often followed by measures under professional law by the supervisory authorities, which in extreme cases can lead to exclusion from the profession. Here, too, we provide advice and support.

For example, in the context of criminal tax law, it often happens that one has relied on the tax advisor's design, which is then considered illegal by the tax authorities and leads to the initiation of criminal tax proceedings. It is precisely in these cases that you urgently need qualified assistance who knows how to steer the proceedings in the right direction. It goes without saying that we work together with your tax advisor or other defence lawyers in the case of multiple defendants in your interest.

Even if you have nothing to accuse yourself of: Preliminary proceedings are only initiated if there is an initial suspicion of a criminal offence or misdemeanour. In order to refute this suspicion, professional support is usually required, which we can offer as experienced specialist lawyers for criminal law.

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