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In the course of the globalisation of economic relations, internationally active companies are confronted with a multitude of national, European and international regulations which demand a high degree of attention.

In addition to excellent knowledge of the often complex legal issues that inevitably arise in an international context, the extensive language skills of our lawyers and notaries play a role that should not be underestimated in cross-border matters in order to provide you as an entrepreneur with optimal support in international business transactions and to achieve the best possible solutions in individual cases. The cultural differences between the Federal Republic of Germany and other countries should also not be underestimated in order to achieve international business success.

International commercial law firm

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH is an international commercial law firm. We have been advising and representing our clients in the field of international commercial law for decades in diverse and sometimes complex international matters both out of court and in court before German courts and (international) arbitration tribunals. In doing so, we also cooperate with qualified law firms in currently approx. 140 countries worldwide. The ALPMANN FRÖHLICH Dutch Desk focuses on cross-border German/Dutch business transactions.

Our focus

Our focus is always on achieving the optimal solution for our clients, particularly in complex and extensive international matters. If necessary, we consult a partner from our large international network.

Being (internationally) successful together with our clients is what drives us to continuously develop and further specialise (internationally) over time.

We look forward to working with you. Together. International. Strong.

Our lawyers for international business law

International Contract Law

An essential part of ALPMANN FRÖHLICH's advice is the drafting and review of (inter)national contracts. In order to avoid disadvantages that were not calculated for later, it is important to weigh up all possible consequences before concluding a contract. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH offers clients comprehensive advice on the drafting of optimal, tailor-made contracts, both in the context of the preparation of individual contract concepts and in connection with the review of already existing contracts, in particular on the following topics:

  • Sales contracts
  • UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG)
  • Choice of applicable law
  • Jurisdiction and arbitration agreements
  • Inclusion of Incoterms
  • General terms and conditions (GTC)
    • Drafting and review of terms and conditions of purchase and sale (both stationary sales and online shop)
    • Effective international inclusion of general terms and conditions
    • Data protection declarations
    • Information requirements in distance selling and electronic commerce
  • Supply contracts
  • Research and development contracts
  • Equipment contracts
  • Contract manufacturing agreements
  • Logistics/forwarding/transport contracts (CMR)
  • Consignment stock contracts

International Corporate Law

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH advises clients on cross-border issues of international corporate law, in particular on the topics of:

  • Mobility of companies (cross-border transfer of registered office, change of articles of association)
  • Group conflict of laws / international transformations (cross-border mergers, formation of SE)
  • Mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and shareholdings
  • Advice and support for founders, start-ups and private equity and venture capital investors
  • Agreements with corporate bodies and members of corporate bodies
  • Preparation and conduct of shareholders' meetings and general meetings
  • Advice and representation in shareholder disputes

International distribution law / antitrust law

Distribution law covers the legal relationships in the sale of goods and services. It includes, in particular, the legal relationships between companies at different levels of trade (manufacturer / supplier / dealer) or between companies and commercial agents (= commercial agency law).

Of importance here are not only the national regulations from the German Civil Code (BGB) or the German Commercial Code (HGB), but also frequently from the neighbouring legal fields of competition law (UWG), labour law, but also antitrust law. A large number of international regulations can play a role in international commercial law.

Traditionally, the international distribution of goods has been of great importance in Germany as an exporting country. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH advises clients in particular on cross-border matters and has decades of experience in this field.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports and advises clients in all matters relating to distribution law, both nationally and internationally, in particular on the following topics:

  • Commercial agency law
    • Drafting, drafting and reviewing commercial agency agreements,
    • Enforcement and defence of book statement claims and commission claims of the commercial agent,
    • Advice on all problems in connection with the termination of contracts and their settlement,
    • Determination, enforcement and defence of compensation claims of the commercial agent,
    • non-competition and unauthorised competitive activities of the commercial agent
  • Dealership law
    • Preparation, drafting and review of authorised dealer agreements,
    • Advice on all problems in connection with the termination of contracts and their settlement,
    • Compensation claims of the authorised dealer
  • Distribution cartel law
    • Exclusivity regulations / non-competition clauses,
    • customer protection,
    • Discount and bonus systems,
    • Selective distribution,
    • Online sales
  • Quality assurance agreements

Foreign trade law and customs law

Customs law affects all companies that import and export. It determines which products may be imported and exported and which duties (customs duties, import turnover tax) must be paid. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding customs law.

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