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Shaping and implementing digitalisation - making IT!

IT law is becoming increasingly important in the course of the ongoing digitalisation of our society and in the economy. Accordingly, the complexity of IT issues and the associated legal questions are also growing.

The special feature of IT law is its diversity. In particular, IT issues under labour law or the requirements for online shop operators are increasing. Furthermore, the implementation of the new law on the sale of goods has already made it necessary to link product liability with software issues, and will do so in the near future. Entrepreneurs are required - also in view of competition law claims - to observe the implementation of all legal requirements.

Moreover, it is not excluded that disputes will ultimately have to be settled in court. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH has been assisting clients in IT-related legal disputes for years.

Our specialisation

Thanks to specialised (specialist) lawyers as well as a large international partner network, ALPMANN FRÖHLICH is also able to act in complex cases with national or international references. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports its clients throughout the entire process, taking into account the special features of IT law, e.g. agile software development, the concept of defects in software law and the enforcement of and defence against warnings under competition law. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH provides comprehensive advice in particular on the following topics.

Our focus

Our focus is always on the link between technology and law. Only those who accept and address the current challenges are well positioned for the (digital) future. To this end, customised products must also be updated in a legally tailored manner. We understand the language of IT and implement it consistently. We look forward to hearing from you. Together. (f)IT.

Lawyers for information technology law in our firm

Data protection

  • Review and preparation of data protection declarations, especially for online shops
  • Review and drafting of DPO contracts
  • Review and drafting of order processing contracts
  • Review of compliance with data protection law in the company
  • Examination and preparation of consent management in compliance with data protection law
  • Examination of data protection law issues, in particular issues from the automotive sector and the transfer of personal data to third countries
  • Examination of TOMs
  • Review of procedure directories
  • Review and drafting of company agreements in compliance with data protection law
  • Examination of and statements with data protection supervisory authorities, in particular on claims for information
  • Examination of and advice on address trading in compliance with data protection law
  • Examination and preparation of information and action obligations under data protection law

Software contracts

  • Creation of software, in particular
    • Agile software development;
    • Creation on the basis of the waterfall model
  • Provision of software, in particular
    • Purchase contracts;
    • Rental contracts;
    • Software As A Service (SaaS);
    • Platform As A Service (PaaS);
    • Application Service Providing (ASP);
    • Licence agreements
  • Software support contracts
  • Software maintenance contracts
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Framework and/or distribution agreements


  • Examination and design of online shops, in particular
    • Review and drafting of general terms and conditions under distance selling law;
    • Examination of the order process;
    • Examination and preparation of information on the right of withdrawal;
    • Examination of imprint;
    • Examination of contract conclusion and order process;
    • Examination and preparation of newsletter texts;
    • Examination of other information obligations, e.g. requirements from the Packaging Act;
    • Examination of the requirements of the PangV;
    • Examination and preparation of e-commerce-specific data protection declarations.
  • Examination of legal texts for sales via trading platforms, in particular amazon/eBay.
  • Assertion of and defence against claims under competition law, in particular in interim legal protection proceedings
  • Examination and preparation of e-commerce specific marketing

IT-specific contract drafting and consulting

  • Preparation and review of general terms and conditions, in particular
    • Terms and conditions of purchase/sale, primarily for hardware
    • Terms of use, especially for apps;
    • Review and advice on the effective inclusion of GTC (national / international);
    • Sweepstake terms and conditions.
  • Review and drafting of app contracts
  • Examination and drafting of social media legal issues
  • Examination of domain law disputes, in particular judicial assertion and defence;
  • Examination of claims under name law and/or company law, in particular for rating portals such as Google Reviews and kununu.

Litigation/legal disputes

  • Assertion and defence of claims, in particular under competition law, within the scope of interim legal protection, in particular
    • In the event of breaches of obligations under distance selling law in e-commerce, inter alia on third-party platforms;
    • Claims for deletion and rectification under §§ 823, 1004 BGB;
    • domain transfer claims
  • Examination and consideration of the special features of international disputes, in particular
  • Applicable law;
  • court jurisdiction;
  • Questions on service of process.

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