Banking and
Capital Markets Law

We advise and support you in all matters of banking and capital market law in our "Banking and Capital Market Law" department. We are the point of contact for banks and clients. We regularly represent you in and out of court.

A special focus is on the interaction between banking and insolvency law. We represent you in asserting and defending claims for avoidance under insolvency law. We support you in asserting security interests before and during insolvency proceedings.

We first try to find solutions outside of court proceedings. In this context, the drafting of contracts is of considerable importance to us, especially in loan and collateral law, but also in leasing and hire-purchase contract law. We are also happy to represent you in court in all areas of banking and capital market law. This includes, for example, the following areas:

Overview of services
  • Banking supervisory law
  • Banking Contract Law
  • Bank accounts and their special forms
  • Custody business
  • Deposit and loan business and credit protection
  • Factoring/ Leasing
  • Liability of managers and supervisory board members
  • Insolvency law
  • Capital market law
  • Prospectus liability
  • Transfers, direct debits, bills of exchange and cheques
  • Asset management
  • Securities trading

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