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ALPMANN FRÖHLICH advises you on all matters of insurance law. Our clients include insured persons, insurers and insurance brokers. We support you in the current insurance relationship and after the occurrence of an insured event - in all areas of insurance law.

The interesting thing about insurance law lies in the complexity of the different branches and the multitude of different insurance conditions. Each class of insurance has its own special features, and each contractual period has its own rules. Even if the core area of insurance law can be limited to a few issues, the decisive differences lie in the details. Since insurance contracts cover a wide variety of life situations in both the entrepreneurial and private spheres. A certain sensitivity is therefore just as much a part of our strengths as the consistent and detailed enforcement of your claims - if necessary also in court.

Insurance law

You run a business, you are successful and insured against all risks? Good insurance is important, but only the beginning. Even the best precautions cannot prevent every event and protect you from damage. We support you should an insurance claim occur in your business or private life. Our specialised (specialist) lawyers at ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will advise you in particular on the following topics.

Our focus

In insurance law, our focus is on the best possible handling of the damage that has occurred. In doing so, we always keep an eye on the overall picture. We focus on liability assessment and litigation as well as prevention and protection.

If necessary, we work in partnership with your medical or tax advisors.

Through our cooperation with insured persons, insurers and brokers, we also know the different perspectives of the parties on the contract. We bring in our experience to provide targeted advice and support.

Lawyers for insurance law in our law firm

For policyholders

You are an entrepreneur, have insured your company and/or your person against various risks in life, one of which has materialised? ALPMANN FRÖHLICH advises you after an insured event has occurred and supports you in discussions with the insurer. If necessary, we will enforce your claims in court. The insurer can successfully oppose your claims? ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will check whether your advisor may have made a mistake and is liable for the insurer's exemption from benefits.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH accompanies you in all questions concerning your insurance:

  1. Buildings and contents insurance
  2. Liability insurance
    1. Public liability insurance
    2. (extended) product liability insurance
    3. Financial loss / D&O insurance
  3. Accident insurance
  4. Occupational disability insurance
  5. Life insurance
  6. Legal expenses insurance
  7. Insurance broker

Buildings, contents and machinery insurance.

Fire, water, lightning and storms are capable of causing considerable damage to the company building, equipment and stocks. Lengthy reconstruction measures and production losses can be the result. Damage to an important machine can also result in considerable repair and follow-up costs.

Your building, contents or machinery insurer holds you accountable for the cause of the damage and refuses to pay benefits? Your insurer reduces the compensation payment to amounts you do not agree with?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in asserting your claims under the insurance contract. To this end, the contract you have concluded with the insurer will be reviewed for its specifics and the insurer's promise of benefits will be assessed. We take over the discussion with your insurer. If necessary, we enforce your claims in court.

Liability insurance

Being on the market always involves the risk of something "going wrong" and your costumer is injured by your product you put on the market. Or you damage another thing in the course of carrying out your work. Claims for damages are held against you. Your conduct has caused financial damage to another person or to your own company.

You file these claims with your liability insurer, who, however, refuses to provide you with the promised support?

Our services. To the point.

The completion of a business and product liability insurance can protect you from existential risks. If you injure your customer or if he suffers an injury due to one of your products, you are liable for this damage without limitation. Even a liability agreement concluded with the customer does not usually protect you from liability. At the same time, claims for compensation for personal injury can entail considerable damage positions, depending on the injury that occurred. The defective creation of a work can also result in immense consequential costs, which can exceed the contract value many times over.

Property damage or personal injury does not always occur. Some damages affect the assets of your contractual partner or your own company alone. An additional pecuniary loss liability or D&O insurance can be helpful.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you as soon as claims for damages are made against you - in cooperation with our colleagues specialising in commercial law, company law or insolvency law - both vis-à-vis the claimant and vis-à-vis the insurer if the latter refuses, for whatever reason, to indemnify you against notified damage items or to support you in defending the claims against the claimant.

Accident insurance

Have you fallen or had an accident in your free time, during sports, at home, at work or in road traffic and suffered significant injuries? You have been suffering from significant limitations since then? You have suffered considerable damage to your health in some other way, but it is not a classic accident? You have already contacted your insurer due to an accident, but they reduce your benefits because of alleged previous damage or contributory causes, even though you were able to move without restrictions before the accident and did not suffer from limitations? The accident insurer has announced that it will review your health situation?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in describing the circumstances of the accident to the insurer. That sounds simple? Often the devil is in the detail. We help you to find the right words. The prerequisite for a claim to benefits is the occurrence of the disability and the medical determination of the same within an individually specified period of time as well as the assertion of the claim vis-à-vis the insurer within a further period of time. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH monitors compliance with the deadlines for you and offers you and your attending physician support with regard to the requirements placed on the necessary medical confirmation. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will examine your claims, which may vary in nature depending on the structure of the specific contract, and will support you in asserting your claims against the insurer. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH is also at your side if the insurer initiates review proceedings with the aim of reclaiming benefits provided.

Occupational disability insurance

Have you fallen ill or had an accident and are no longer able to pursue your professional activities? At the same time, you have already tried to counteract the existing restrictions and to meet your professional requirements in a different way? You are an entrepreneur and have refrained from applying for benefits and remain loyal to your company, even though you can no longer perform essential tasks there due to your health?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in filing your claims with the insurer, taking into account the special features resulting from your profession, your illness and the interaction of the two. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will support you if the insurer raises doubts about the clinical picture and your impairments or wants to refer you to another profession. If you are still working, ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will check with you whether the conditions for a pension benefit are met. ALPMANN FRÖHLICH is also there for you if the insurer wants to review the continuation of its benefits.

Life insurance

You have taken out a life insurance policy in the name of your company to secure your pension entitlements and are lucky enough to live to see the expiry of the agreed term? You are an insolvency administrator and would like to draw benefits from a life insurance policy taken out in the person of the managing director to the estate? Although you should be the beneficiary of a death benefit, the insurer refuses to pay you the benefit?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in receiving and keeping the promised benefit. Depending on the constellation, we not only consider the relationship with the insurer. Third parties disputing your claim are also included in the review.

Legal expenses insurance

You need assistance in the legal field and would like to ask your legal expenses insurer for financial support? You have already contacted your legal protection insurer, but they refuse to provide cover?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in shifting the financial consequences associated with the legal pursuit of your claims to your legal expenses insurer as far as possible. If the insurer refuses to cover the costs on the grounds of "lack of prospects of success", ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will prepare for you, independently and without prejudice to the outcome, the decision required by the insurer. If necessary, ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will enforce your rights against the legal expenses insurer in court.

For insurers

You are an insurer and need support in defending unjustified claims for benefits made by your policyholder, in defending claims made against your policyholder or you want to take recourse against a third party who is responsible for the insured event you settled? ALPMANN FRÖHLICH will support you and, in a liability case, your policyholder.

  1. Defence against claims made against the policyholder
  2. Recourse after a settled insured event
  3. Defence against unjustified claims made by your policyholder

Defence against claims made against the policyholder

Is your policyholder being unjustly claimed against by a third party and needs support in defending the claim?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports your policyholder in the liability proceedings brought against him. If legal proceedings have already been initiated by a third party against your policyholder, we will reliably act within the time limits set by the court. Once the facts of the case have been processed, we will deal with them directly with your policyholder, taking your instructions into account. A regular exchange with you and the client is the basis of our cooperation. We also keep an eye on any possible recourse in the event of your policyholder's liability.

Subrogation after a settled insured event

An insured event has caused damage to your policyholder and you have paid compensation to your policyholder in accordance with the contract? There has been a fire and the fire was started, spread from the neighbour's property or was caused by a technical defect in an electronic device? Your policyholder has had an accident and another party was at fault in causing the accident? A pipe burst, allowing water to escape, after a third party damaged it or did not lay it properly? Someone broke into your policyholder's home and damaged or stole insured property?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH helps you to recover the out-of-pocket expenses you have paid to your policyholder on the basis of contractual performance. We check whether third parties are responsible for the underlying insured event and enforce your rights of recourse against the third party. We support you in asserting your claims in court and take over the subsequent recovery within the framework of compulsory enforcement.

Defence against unjustified claims by your policyholder

Your policyholder has suffered a loss which he has reported to you and for which he is claiming benefits under his insurance contract? You refuse cover after your policyholder has culpably caused the insured event himself, failed to pay premiums, failed to answer questions posed by you correctly and failed to provide required documents? You have accepted the insurance cover on the merits, but the policyholder is dissatisfied with the amount of your settlement?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in defending unjustified claims made against you by your policyholder. We take over the rejection of unjustified claims both in advance and within the scope of a coverage process initiated by your policyholder.

For insurance brokers

You are a broker and need support for your client in a specific insurance case? The insurer refuses to pay earned commissions? Your client turns to you after the insurer has refused to pay benefits?

  1. Support for the client
  2. Relationship with the insurer
  3. Relationship with the client

Support for the customer

Your customer has suffered a loss and asks you for support in settling his claim with the insurer? You are sitting "between the chairs", want to help the client, but do not want to put yourself too far in the foreground vis-à-vis the insurer? In addition to your experience, do you need additional support in the legal field to help the client succeed?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH helps you to support your client. We take the lead in communicating with the insurer to keep you out of the loop. Together with you and your client, we work out the strategy that suits your client to assert his interests against the insurer. If the insurance cover is opposed by claims against third parties or if such claims are brought to your client by third parties, we work together with you to keep the balance between the different interests. Should legal proceedings become necessary, we will also stand by your client here.

Relationship with the insurer

You have brokered insurance policies and the insurer is charging your premiums incorrectly? Are you accused by the insurer of errors in contract design or customer service?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in the discussion with the insurer regarding your primary claims for compensation. We receive support on this point from our colleagues who specialise in commercial law. If you are exposed to claims for damages by the insurer, we offer you a review and defence of the claims.

Relationship with the customer

Your client has suffered a loss and the insurer successfully refuses to provide insurance cover for it? Your client is looking for the reason for the lack of cover in your advice? Your client approaches you with a claim for damages because he thinks that you have expressly confirmed to him on request that the insurance cover also applies in such a case? Or does he attribute the lack of cover to the fact that, contrary to your instructions, you did not choose the right insurance?

Our services. To the point.

ALPMANN FRÖHLICH supports you in defending the claim made by your client both in direct discussions and in the event of a legal dispute. We also integrate your financial loss insurer into the process and coordinate our steps with you and your insurer.

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