Dutch Desk

Your cross-border partner between the Netherlands and Germany

The Netherlands is Germany's most important European trading partner and number two in the world, directly behind China and ahead of the USA. Cross-border and international business transactions between Germany and the Netherlands require a high level of legal expertise and advice in both legal systems. As always, the devil is in the details.

At ALPMANN FRÖHLICH we provide cross-border advice at our "Dutch Desk" now with 8 lawyers, 2 of whom are also notaries, in Dutch, German und English on all areas of law that are important for German und Dutch companies. Our clients can rely on our long-standing and extensive international expertise from our offices in Rheine and Münster, and thus in close proximity to the Netherlands and in the heart of the Münsterland.

Dutch Desk

Most of the lawyers and notaries of the ALPMANN FRÖHLICH Dutch Desk have lived in the Netherlands and some have also studied Dutch law.
In addition to comprehensive knowledge of the legal differences and cultural differences between the two countries, mastery of the German and Dutch languages plays a central role in providing our clients with optimal cross-border advice on all legal issues.
We represent our clients' interests before German courts as well as (international) arbitration courts.

International network / Individual counselling

Through many years of cross-border advice to our clients, we have built up a large international network of qualified lawyers, tax advisors and notaries in the Netherlands as well.
We are able to put together teams tailored to the individual needs of our clients, also by bringing in other specialists from our firm, in order to provide our clients with the best possible advice and support, even in complex and extensive cross-border issues between the Netherlands and Germany.

Our focus

Our focus is on achieving targeted and precise solutions for our clients operating across borders between the Netherlands and Germany, even in complex situations and legal issues.
We achieve this goal together with our clients through our specialisation and detailed knowledge of German/Dutch legal relations. Supplemented by our excellent language skills, we allow ourselves to provide our German and Dutch clients with individual and tailor-made advice in their respective mother tongues, taking into account the respective cultural differences.

Our lawyers at the Dutch Desk

Networking at home and abroad

The lawyers and notaries of the ALPMANN FRÖHLICH Dutch Desk, together with more than 40 other lawyers of the ALPMANN FRÖHLICH law firm, provide cross-border advice between the Netherlands and Germany, in particular in the following areas of law:

Get in touch with us

If you have any questions regarding cross-border business transactions between Germany and the Netherlands, please do not hesitate to contact the ALPMANN FRÖHLICH Dutch Desk team at any time.

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