Employee Invention law

Inventions or technical improvements are very often developed by employees during work. Employers have special rights if an invention or development was made during working hours. For example, the employer can claim employee inventions and register them as an intellectual property right. This allows to use the invention within the company, but also to be licensed to third parties. The Employee Inventions Act (ArbNErfG) not only regulates the question of reporting an invention, claiming it and using it by the employer, but also the employee's claim to appropriate remuneration.

Determining a remuneration that is appropriate and fair for both sides is often a major challenge for both employees and employers. We support you proactively (e.g. in drafting employment contracts, establishing processes and procedures for employee inventions in the company) as well as in negotiating and setting employee inventor compensation.

Main areas of activity
  • General handling of employee inventions
  • Establishing appropriate processes and procedures in the company
  • Calculation of inventor remuneration
  • Transfer of inventions including corresponding contracts
  • Accompaniment of arbitration proceedings

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