Patents and Utility models

Patents and utility models protect new technical inventions and grant their owner a monopoly, territorially and temporally limited, to use and exploit the invention. He may prohibit any other use of the invention or make it dependent on payments. These technical property rights make it easier to derive economic benefit from an invention and thereby finance development work. They are an important factor in the valuation of a company because they allow conclusions to be drawn about development strategies and innovation potentials and, moreover, represent not inconsiderable assets.

Our advice can help realise these potentials. In addition, it serves to avoid expensive duplicate developments and to counter infringements of third party property rights.

The patent grants its owner comprehensive protection for his invention for up to 20 years. The utility model, on the other hand, has a shorter "life" and can be registered within a few months. However, the applicant bears the full risk that the requirements for protection are not met. A professional novelty search and comprehensive evaluation can protect him from this.

Main areas of activity
  • Accompaniment of the application by specialised external patent attorneys
  • Representation in disputes before courts at national, European and international level
  • Legal advice on the exploitation of technical inventions
  • Drafting of contracts

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