Compliance as a challenge for the entire company

The challenges for a company with regard to compliance with laws, the so-called "compliance" with the corresponding specifications and regulations, are constantly growing. Violations can result in considerable fines. We ensure that you meet the legal requirements and help you to uncover and close gaps in the existing system.

Compliance with ALPMANN FRÖHLICH

It is extremely important for companies to set up and maintain concrete compliance structures for all economic areas, be it money laundering prevention requirements or, for example, war weapons control law in the export sector. But even if a company is to be fined for criminal offences in administrative offence proceedings due to possible breaches of supervisory duties, compliance measures can reduce the specific amount of the fine. In concrete terms, compliance systems can therefore prevent criminal offences on the one hand and considerably reduce the liability risks for companies and entrepreneurs on the other.

We accompany and advise you, for example
  • in risk analysis within the company.
  • in the design, revision and
  • implementation of compliance systems
  • in the introduction of whistleblower systems in accordance with the EU Whistleblower Directive
  • in internal investigations
  • in internal training (including money laundering prevention; anti-corruption, prevention of cartel violations)
  • in the defence against allegations of compliance violations

Why compliance?

Compliance is important for your company for a number of reasons:

You behave in accordance with the law and also demonstrate this to the outside world.

Should the company, and thus also the management, be confronted with illegal actions within the company, the establishment of a compliance system already shows that the management is aware of the responsibility and the risks and wants to prevent violations of the law.

In the case of accusations of tax evasion, proof of the establishment of an internal control system already has the effect of making it more difficult for the administration and public prosecutors to bring charges under criminal tax law (intentional acts).

They prevent financial losses for the company.

Often the damage to the company's reputation in the public eye and thus also with customers and the corresponding loss of turnover is far higher than the establishment of a compliance management system (CMS), especially against the background of considerable fines, which can very quickly put the company in a precarious position.

Finally, it must be taken into account that business partners now also check very closely (know-your-customer) whether the company with which they do business is also well positioned in these areas. Otherwise, the business relationship can end very quickly or not even come into being.

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